Gypsy Mitchell Clan

Gypsy King Emil & Queen Kelly & Yordona Mitchell Family

Emil Mitchell born c1857 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, died at Albertville, on Alabama‘s Sand Mountain, near Attala, Ala., on Oct. 16, 1942. at age 85. The Meridian Newspaper says he came to New Orleans when he was 5 (c1862) with his parents (note by FOC: the Civil War itself renders that unlikely, as New Orleans was blockaded.) but descendent, Joe Mitchell, believes he probably came through New York City, but not with his father and mother. Meridian, MS, Newspaper states that Emil obtained his USA citizenship in 1884, perhaps in Cleveland, Ohio. The Meridian, MS, newspaper accounts state that the headquarters of Emil Mitchell had been Washington, D. C. at the time of his death.

Emil Mitchll first married Kelly, born c1868, died 1915.  Kelly Mitchell, first wife of Emil Mitchell, and the mother of 15 children, died Jan. 31, 1915, at the age of forty-seven, following premature childbirth, despite efforts of a physician who was offered a fee of $10,000 if he could save her life.  Her death occurred while she was camped with her tribe near Coatopa, Ala., and her body was brought to the Horace C. Smith Undertaking Co. in Meridian. The decision to bury her here brought about the formation of this Southern burial ground.

The year was 1915. Queen Kelly Mitchell had struggled to deliver her 15th child. The labor had been long and intensive, the bleeding unrelenting, and the queen’s death was imminent. King Emil Mitchell searched the faces of the gathered crowd. He offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could save her. It wasn’t meant to be.

Mitchell succumbed to death at age 47, surrounded by her husband, their children and the members of her Romany tribe. At the time, the tribe was camped near the Mississippi-Alabama state line in the Coatopa, Ala., community. Meridian had been the nearest location with a funeral home equipped with enough ice to preserve her body until the large numbers of people could traverse the country to attend their queen’s funeral. And Meridian’s Rose Hill Cemetery, even in the year 1915, was a well-maintained and proper resting place for a member of Romany royalty.

An estimated 20,000 Roma Gypsies arrived in Meridian for the funeral service. The horse-drawn hearse traveled west on Seventh Street, followed by carriages of her female family and tribe members. Although it was a cold February day, as Romany tradition required, all of the men were on foot and bare-headed as they trudged toward Rose Hill Cemetery.

Queen Kelly and King Emil, who later died in 1942, plus several additional family members who have since died, are also buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. Even today, members of their tribe continue to visit their gravesites. Trinkets, food and other items are left on the graves in their honor. People are curious about these burials of Romany royalty; however, it was only by fate that Meridian would provide the final resting place for their bodies.

Emil Mitchell married, as his second wife, Lapa Mitchell, who was in Atlanta, Ga. at the time of his death.

Flora Mitchell (sister to Emil) born c1860 died 1930

M. H. Frank, who once made his home in Meridian, was chosen acting King following Emil’s death.

Emil’s descendants at the time of his death included nine sons, five daughters and more than 100 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Based on Ellis Island records, it appears that Costa George Bimbo, buried in the Meridian, MS cemetery, probably came from Italy. Nicholas Gulumba, likewise appears to have been from Russia. The Mitchell family believes these, and many others, were brought over here by Emil Mitchell.

Gypsy Queen’s Death Was Colorful Historical Event

The death of a Gypsy Queen near Meridian in 1915 resulted in the chance location of a Gypsy burial ground here and added another dash of color to the bright picture of Meridian’s first 100 years. Other members of the tribe buried at Rose Hill are: Queen Flora Mitchell, sister of Emil who became Queen following the death of Kelly Mitchell in 1915: Mike Wilson Mitchell, leader of a Mississippi tribe who died a day after his Uncle, King Emil, and who was buried in a double service with the King: and Mehil Mitchell, eight- year old nephew of King Emil, who died of influenza in Jackson on November 22, 1918. The young Gypsy was the second to be buried here.

The most colorful episode of Meridian’s Gypsy story is found in the story of the first Queen. Kelly, first wife of Emil and the mother of 15 children. She died Jan. 31, 1915, at the age of forty-seven, following premature childbirth, despite efforts of a physician who was offered a fee of $10,000 if he could save her life.

Her death occurred while she was camped with her tribe near Coatopa, Ala., and her body was brought to the Horace C. Smith Undertaking Co. in Meridian. The decision to bury her here brought about the formation of this Southern burial ground.

Funeral Is Described

A description of the scene at the undertaking company, appeared in the Feb. 7, 1915 issue of the Meridian Dispatch. “At one side of the parlors, with candelabra at the head and foot, stands the magnificent silver-trimmed metallic casket. Hermetically sealed within, in all the barbaric splendor of a medieval Queen lies Mrs. Callie [Kelly] Mitchell. Queen of the Gypsies of America. The swarthy face, with its high cheek bones, is typical of the Romany tribes, and the head, the upper portion of which is covered with bright silken drapery pinned at the back with pins, rests upon a cushion of filmy silk and satin. The hair is braided Gypsy fashion, and the dark tresses shine. “The body was attired in a Royal robe of Gypsy Green and other bright colors, contrasting vividly with the sombre hues usual under such circumstances. Two necklaces are around the neck, one of shells, an heirloom which was descended through generations. “The lower portion of the body is draped with ‘Sacred linen’ treasured by the Gypsy bands for the use only when death overtakes one of their number. When the children arrive, each will put a momento of some kind in the casket and it will devolve upon the youngest child to place her mother’s earrings in the ear.”

In order that the journey of the Queen might be without discomfort, the coffin was equipped with comb, brush and other toilet accessories, as well as a supply of working clothes, “for use on the other side of the Styx”.

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20,000 View Body

It was estimated that more than 20,000 people viewed the body of the dead Gypsy Queen after it was brought to Meridian. Members of the Mitchell tribe, one of the largest in the country, came here from all parts of the United States to pay tribute. a newsreel made of their camp at Bonita was exhibited throughout the country. The funeral services took place on Feb. 12 and were held from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church with the rector, The Rev. H. W. Wells, officiating. More than 5,000 persons were at the cemetery to witness the last rites. “It was a large and imposing funeral procession that wended its way from the undertaking establishment to the Episcopal Church,” the Dispatch reported. “The college band headed the procession, followed by the male members of the gypsy band on foot and bare headed, with Chief Mitchell, members of his immediate family, and the women and children in carriages. The hearse, with the remains of the Gypsy Queen, headed the carriage procession. The attendance at the church was large….so large that it was impossible for all the people to gain entrance. The services were those of the Episcopal Church and were in no way added to by the Gypsies….”

Succeeds To Throne

At the death of Queen Kelly, Flora Mitchell, sister of King Emil, succeeded to the throne. Nothing more was heard of the Mitchell Gypsy tribe for several years, and then word came of the death of Flora in Yazoo City on Jan. 8, 1930, at the age of 70. Her body was brought to Meridian for funeral services and burial on Jan. 11.

Father [now the Rt. Rev. Monsignor] John J. Burns of St. Patrick’s Catholic church officiated at the services, which were delayed from morning until evening, awaiting the arrival of the tribe high in Gypsy councils. A story of the event published in The Meridian star said,” As the Gypsies carried the casket from the chapel and down to the level of the pavement, the procession, headed by the casket and followed by King Mitchell and the balance of the Gypsy band, proceeded through a line of curious onlookers standing behind a band which played Chopin’s funeral march. As the Gypsies reached the street, the band swung into line and, still playing the funeral march, proceeded down 7th Street to where the hearse was waiting. ” At the cemetery, the ceremonies were as simple as at the funeral home…No talking took place, even among themselves, and the silence of the Gypsies was perhaps the most impressive part of the funeral service, both at the Webb Home and at the grave.”

[King John, leader of the Romany band of gypsies, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left, with pipe in mouth, at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, during the burial of his wife Queen Eleanora]

King Emil Dies

Death came to king Emil Mitchell, who was 85, near Attala, Ala., Oct. 16, 1942. “The King died under a tent Friday at Albertville, high upon Alabama’s Sand Mountain,” the Meridian Star reported on Oct. 20.1942. “He died the way he wanted to——under a tent. He came into the world under a tent at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.” The King’s nephew, Slatcho {Mike Wilson} Mitchell, 45-year-old leader of a Mississippi tribe, died in Houston, Miss., the following day, and both bodies were brought to Meridian for burial. Double funeral services were conducted at the Webb Home by Father Burns. Emil’s body was placed by the side of his wife, Kelly, and the nephew was buried just a few feet away. tribesmen supervised the ancient burial ceremony which included sprinkling of fruit juice so that the dead would have something to drink”on the other side”.

In accordance with custom, several changes of clothing were also placed in each casket. Contending that it would fetch them “bad luck”, the women gypsies would neither pose for photographs nor tell a fortune “at any price” before the funeral services.

Closed With Concrete

After the services, the graves were closed with layers of concrete, reinforced by steel bars. During the years, grave robbers have sought unsuccessfully to dig up the caskets.  Because of the war, the American gypsies did not put on as big a funeral for their beloved King as they had for Queen Kelly. M. H. Frank, who once made his home in Meridian, was chosen acting King following Emil’s death. The headquarters of Emil Mitchell had been Washington, D. C. but branches of the Romanys which acknowledged his rule made headquarters in Chicago, Cleveland. St. Louis, Kansas City, Cincinnati and other large cities. Members of the tribe were mixed as to nationality and included Hungarians, Syrians, Brazilian and natives of nearly every country in Southern Europe. Mitchell with his roaming parents, had landed in New Orleans when he was five years old and lived there off and on. For a number of years. In 1884, the year he obtained his American Citizenship, he became King of the Gypsies at a great color-drenched ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio.

Emil’s descendants at the time of his death included nine sons, five daughters and more than 100 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His second wife, Queen Lapa Mitchell, remained in Atlanta, Ga. as she was to ill to attend the services. Several of the King’s children were scattered around the globe. One of his daughters was serving as a nurse with the United States Armed Forces in Australia and two others were training to be nurses at the time.

(comment by a family member)  This article is very interesting, and about 70% true.  Emil did not have any daughters who were nurses.  He did have one daughter who was married and living in Africa.  The part that says he came here with father & mother is not correct. He was the Roma who brought most of the Gypsies to the U.S.  But the article says he became a citizen in 1885, and that could be a help. It also said that there was new roll of the services that I would like to see. And I believe he came to this country through New York City.  But there is some truth in the article .

(hand written May-June 1974)

by: Edward A. Bishop

It all began with the death of Mrs. Callie [Kelly] Mitchell, 47-year-old Queen of the entire Gypsy nation. She died during premature childbirth on January 31, 1915, despite the frantic efforts of a physician who was offered $10,000 if he could save her. She died while camped with her tribe near Coatopa, Alabama. Her body was taken to Meridian, Mississippi, for burial. The City will never forget that event.

The decision to bury Queen Callie in Rose Hill Cemetery in Meridian brought about the establishment of what later became a Southeastern Gypsy burial ground. While Queen Callie lay in state at a local funeral home, With a candelabra at the head and the foot, stood the magnificent copper casket. Hermetically sealed inside the casket, Queen Callie was robed in death with all the barbaric splendor of a medieval queen. Her swarthy face had the high cheekbones typical of the Romany tribes. Her head, covered with silken drapery fastened at the back with solid gold pins, rested on a filmy silk and satin cushion. Her black tresses were braided Gypsy style.  Queen Callie was dressed in a bright red robe trimmed with yellow.  Royal Gypsy green and other bright colors contrasted sharply with the somber hues usually seen at funerals. The lower part of the body was draped with “sacred silk,” treasured by Gypsy bands for use only when death overtakes one of their members. Two necklaces were around the neck, one of shells, heirlooms handed down through the generations. When the Queen’s children arrived–all 15 of them–each placed something in the casket. The youngest, according to Gypsy tradition, affixed earrings to her mother’s ears.

Gypsy burial rites are similar to ancient Greek and Egyptian services. When a member of royalty dies, their belongings are entombed with the body. Such was the case with Queen Callie. In order that her journey after death might be without discomfort, the coffin was equipped with comb, brush and other accessories as well as work clothes—“For use on the other side of the Styx.” At the cemetery the ceremonies were as simple as at the funeral home. No conversation took place. The silence was perhaps the most impressive part of the services. When the services ended the casket was lowered into a steel vault, over which steel reinforcing bars were placed. The vault was then closed with layers of cement two to three feet thick to forever protect the Queen. On October 16, 1942, King Emil Mitchell, then 85 years old, took sick and died near Attalla, Alabama. The next day the King’s nephew, Slatcho [Mike Wilson] Mitchell, the 45-year-old leader of the Mississippi tribe died in Houston, Mississippi. Both bodies were brought to Meridian for a double burial–the King next to Queen Callie and the nephew a few feet away. Graveside services were not as lavish as the Queen’s. Tribesmen supervised the ancient burial ceremony, which included sprinkling fruit juice in King Emil’s grave. the fruit juice, according to Gypsy tradition, was so the dead would have something to drink “on the way over to the other side.”

King Emil’s tomb was reinforced with steel bars and covered with layers of cement in the same manner as Queen Callie’s. The nephew received a simple burial which consisted of sprinkling fruit juice in his grave. Gypsies prefer a nomadic life and live under the laws and customs of their ancestors. To this day there are no actual records of their wanderings and no fixed century from which they sprang. However, records of them existed as early 1348 in Serbia (now Yugoslavia). There is no up to date census of the number of Gypsies in the world today.

Russia has about 1,000,000 Gypsies, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary each claim between 200,000 to 250,000, while Yugoslavia has 116,000, Turkey and Greece 200,000 each and Czechoslovakia and Poland about 150,000 each. During World War ll close to 500,000 Gypsies were exterminated by the Germans, adding to a long history of repression’s against Gypsies.


Marie Vaspurkan Kalderash family became apart of Many European Royal families but many in the Galicia-Braganza and Orlean Royal family with Alanian or Iranan J1b Kalderash gypsy blood. This the lineage of J1b Mitchel family Brazilian and there are almost 370,000 descends in Brazil and the Mitchell family are and my family are one of them.

Macmillian the grandfather of Louie Mitchell was Romanian Kalderash gypsies who may have HLA-B4201 found in Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Basque and Brazilian Kalderash Aristocratic gypsies along with J1b halogroup. Louie Mitchell is the leader of the Oklahoma and Mississippi Tribe of Mitchell family. The Mitchell tribe was originally a Mississippi gypsy tribe that originate from the port of Biloxi before the Civil War where many Gypsies from the Mitchell Tribe originated then later New Orleans after the Blockcade end after the Civil War. there was no blockcade of Biloxi ports like in New Orleans. Biloxi was home to Ft Louis where Many Native American Choctaw from Biloxi to Merdian and Yazoo Mixed. The Mitchell family is mixed Choctaw Native American blood. My family have both Afro-romani and Choctaw blood same the Mitchell family in Mississippi and Oklahoma and the when the some the Choctaw tribe moved to Oklahoma so did part the Mitchell family that why Louie Mitchell is King of both the Mississippi and Oklahoma tribes my family come Annie Clark and her father Matt Clark came from same mixture in Yazoo Mississippi where Flora Mitchell family also came from. And the Mitchel family have HLA-A2901 and HLA-B4201 and J1b haplogroup and

J1b. 069 126 145 222 256 261 278. 73 199 263 295 311.1 Armenian Portuguese Kalderash gypsy

J1. 069 126 145 222 235 261 271. 73 263 295 311.1. in South Portugal

Then there is the work of Dr. Doron Behar, who is on the Board of FTDNA and in speaking of Iranians, refers to “The Iraqi Jewish mtDNAswithin Hg J1 had the hallmark of control region haplotype 16069-16126-16145-16222-16261- 73-263-295

mtDNA haplotypes in Slovak populations include Roma gypsies

69 126 145 222 235 261 271 73 263 295 309iC J1a E(2)
69 126 145 222 235 261 271 73 263 295 309iC 315iC J1a E(1)
69 126 145 222 235 261 271 290 73 263 295 309iC 315iC J1a E(1)
69 126 145 172 222 261 73 242 263 295 309iC 315iC J1b1 W(1)
Theses are mtDNA from Kalderash Siaewi

they are really legal King of all the gypsies descending from Basan Sasan and Aristrocratic gypsies who descend from Iraqi Jewish Persian Royal kings from Isfandiyar to Yazdegerd III the last Zoroastrian King of Persia who daughter Nikbanu or Mahabanu and her family fled to Karachi or Deval in Sindh Province in now Pakistan. We Mahmud of Ghanzi destroy Ucch, Multan and Karachi they went to Baluchistan with Luri then they became Armenian royalty with

the Marie Vaspurakan the Armenanian Kalderash gypsies who claim descent from the House of David or Daniel or Zerubabbel his( Chief the Magi) son Jamasp who was wrote the Jamasp Nameh the book of Zoroaster Doctrine and Legend, Jamasp was Zoroaster cousin who married Zoroaster daughter Porochita who was Jamasp niece, they had a Son name Isfandiyar and he had son name Bahman or Cyrus the Great who married Daniel or Zerubabbel younger sister Rahab or the Bibical Esther who is mother Darius I and Bahman also married his Daughter Homai who he and Darius III was killed by Alexander the Great and she had Sasan who became a Shepherd in Bakhtiaran Region until married in the Bazrangi Kurdish family of Pagag who was the priest of the Goddess Anahita temple and Sasan married Pagag daughter had Ardisher the founder the Sassanian Empire and Ardisher to Yazdegerd III all the Sassanian Kings had J1b haplogroup and B -blood type and HLA-A2901 & B4201. the Biblical Daniel or Zerubabbel had HLA-A2901 & HLA-B4201 and B- blood type J1a or now called J1b Jewish mtDNAswithin Hg J1 had the hallmark of control region haplotype 16069-16126-16145-16222-16261- 73-263-295

Armenien princess who could make a peregrination to Santiago de
Compostela circa 1021 would a daughter of Senek’erim Hovhannes
Artsrouni, king of Vaspourakan (1018), who in 1021 saw his kingdom
annexed by the emperor. This deposed armenian king, married to
Kouschkousch Bagratid, daughter of Gajik I, had several sons and
daughters, the majority later assassinated

Sennecherib John Artsruni, King of Vaspurakan married Khoshush of Armenia, daughter of Gagik I, King of Armenia and Kotramide of Siounie.1,3 Sennecherib John Artsruni, King of Vaspurakan died in 1027.1,2
Family Khoshush of Armenia

Children • Marie of Vaspurakan+1,3
•(Miss) Vaspurakan+4 b. c 1020

1.[S54] Middle & Far East Families, Vaspurakan.
2.[S52] Davdic Dynasty, p. 228.
3.[S52] Davdic Dynasty, p. 229.
4.[S13] .

the B- blood type J1b and HLA-A2901 & HLA-B4201 from Rehubaum is the son of Solomon and Queen of Sheba who Jews called Namaah the Amorite who are Ethiopians. Rehubaum or Menelik was suppose to be King of both Judah and Israek both the Israelite because Rehubaum mother Queen of Sheba was a black Ethiopian with HLA-B4201 and B- blood type, Solomon was J1b and HLA-B4201 so they had War and Rehubaum or Menelik lost War and part his family say in Judah with Benjamin tribe from with Shealite who was the father Zerubabbel or Daniel and his other family fled to Ethiopia in a long Royal lineage of Ethiopian King from Menelik to Hallie Salassie was the last Jewish Ethiopian King from Oromo tribe who HLA-B4201

The tribe called Rashaida called the Banu Abs also have HLA-A2901 and HLA-B4201 which came from city of Saba the ancient capital Sheba.
So the Mitchell family are descendant of Solomon and Sheba, from the House of David or Davidic line with J1b which is Cohamin priest like Daniel or Zerubabbel and the Persian Kings from Isfandiya to Yazdegerd III was from Solomon and Sheba and House of David. Yazdegerd III daughter brought J1b haplogroup to Karach and Ucch with Zoroastrian in Pakistan befor the other Parsi came to Gujarat. When Mahmud of Ghanzi invaded the Sindh and Punjab the last Zoroastrian King to rule Sindh was Killed by Ismaili dai in 1010 and the Nikbanu descendant fled to Karachi and spilt up some when to Gujarat and continue to Zoroastrians other form the Banu Sasan when Baluchistan the Armenian where Armenian Kalderash gypsies King and Queen also claim descent Dravidline the same gypsies came to Armenia.

Sennecherib John Artsruni, King of Vaspurakan married Khoshush of Armenia, daughter of Gagik I, King of Armenia and Kotramide of Siounie.1,3 Sennecherib John Artsruni, King of Vaspurakan died in 1027.1,2
Family Khoshush of Armenia

The Brazilian mtDNA is the closest thing to a “racial democracy” in the world. The assimetry of the Brazilian mtDNA with the Brazilian Y DNA, the creator of the Brazilian state-society in terms of the preservation of the same language, religion, political institutions, army and the responsibility of the conquest and colonization of the big Brazilian territory. Mestiçagem is mainstream in Brazil and that’s a positive value. The Suebi and Alans were an integrant part in the formation of the Portuguese-Brazilian people. A region without diversity as in the case of a big concentration of R1b only, would not be able to create a proper independent or autonomous nobility and those places would not be able to keep and create a proper ethno-national State (and later to build up an own Empire) with it’s own institutions and language, what happened in parts of the Western Atlantic high % R1b façade, in places and regions where the R1b native peasantry were almost total without an internalised outside warrior nobility.
The Portuguese Suebi DNA will match some Northern European regions. The Portuguese Alan DNA would be exceptionally rare.
Why Y DNA J1b and others eventually can be related to the Alans in the Portuguese-Brazilian male stock?
1 – Extreme rare haplogroup and extreme rare haplotypes. Almost total isolation in Western Europe. An exotic Caucasian-Caspian Northern Middle Eastern island in a sea of Western Atlantic Iberian R1b P-3122 – The source area was located in the Caucasus, Eastern Anatolia, Armenia, Caspian Sea. They came far from the East to the extreme West without a connection with Jews (Judaism) or Arabs (Islamism), both also integrated and incorporated in the Portuguese and Brazilian populations in different waves.3 – No close matches outside of the ethnic group. Outside the Portuguese-Brazilian haplotypes, the closest combination is found only within certain Northern Iranian populations4 – The temporal distance of the STR genetic distances separating the Portuguese-Brazilian cases and the Iranians is estimated between 1600-2000 years5 – Relative reproductive success and verifiable regular frequencies in any population of Portuguese-Brazilian origin at regular rates.
6 – Status quo and longue durée of the exotic DNA ? Yes or no


The J1b M365+ “genetic signature” (the distinct DYS 393=13, 390=22, 19=15 and the J1 indicator 458=18,2) has been found there:

1/47 (one in 47 tested)- Rasht, Gilaki, Iran
1/50 (one in 50 tested)- Sari, Mazandarani, Iran

19 – 389I – 389II – 390 – 391 – 392 – 393 – 385 – 438 – 439 – 437 – 448 –456 – 458 – 635– GATA H4:
15 – 13 – 29 – 22 – 10 – 11 – 13 – 12,20 – 10 – 11 – 14 – 20 – 15 – 18,2 – 21 -10 Rasht, Gilaki, Iran
15 – 13 – 29 – 22 – 10 – 11 – 13 – 12,12 – 10 – 11 – 14 – 20 – 15 – 18,2 – 20 -10 Sari, Mazandarani, Iran

I keep the Alan’s hypothesis as the source of J1b presence in Portugal and in Brazil, the Alans were an Iranian nomadic group !

The Alans have been in Hyrcania, according to Josephus:

Now there was a nation of the Alans, which we have formerly mentioned some where as being Scythians and inhabiting at the lake Meotis. This nation about this time laid a design of falling upon Media, and the parts beyond it, in order to plunder them; with which intention they treated with the king of Hyrcania; for he was master of that passage which king Alexander [the Great] shut up with iron gates. This king gave them leave to come through them; so they came in great multitudes, and fell upon the Medes unexpectedly, and plundered their country, which they found full of people, and replenished with abundance of cattle, while nobody durst make any resistance against them; for Paeorus, the king of the country, had fled away for fear into places where they could not easily come at him, and had yielded up every thing he had to them, and had only saved his wife and his concubines from them, and that with difficulty also, after they had been made captives, by giving them a hundred talents for their ransom. These Alans therefore plundered the country without opposition, and with great ease, and proceeded as far as Armenia, laying all waste before them…

What is remarkable is that apparently J1b M365+ can be found only in regions impacted and crossed by the Alans. The genetic distance of all haplotypes is relatively tightly closed from Hyrcania to old Roman Gallaecia in Northwestern Iberia, almost the same haplotype covering big geographical distances and centuries of separation from the common tribal source, but showing little genetic distance revealing a recognizable distinct homogeneous pattern with minimal differences in spite of the space and ages trekked.

Mitchell Family USAThis is a featured page

Cincinnati Ohio Nov 13th

The Engagement of Minnie Stankovitch 19 daughter ofFormer Queen Stella Stankovich ,of the Hungarian Gypsies to
George Mitchell a member of the English Gypsy Tribe has been broken
According to the father of the groom a price of $850 was offered and agreed aupon, but her father decided she was worth more and demanded $1.000
“Chief Stankovitch, father of the girl, and I made a bargain by which Minnie was to become my daughter-inlaw in return for $850,” he said. “You know we gypsies buy our wives just as you would horses or cattle,” added the disappointed groom.
“We made the bargain,” continued the elder man, “and George and Miss Stankovitch were engaged.Shortly afterward Stankovitch came to me and told me he wanted $1,000 for the girl.
I refused and the engagement Fell through, I did agree to compromise a give him $900 for his daughter. “No, sir,” reiterated Mitchell, “that girl may be pretty and fat, but she isn’t worth $1,000.”George Mitchell stated that there was no disagreement between either himself or his gypsy sweetheart, and that each loved the other.
It was the fathers who* foiled the plans of Cupid and prevented the wedding from taking place in the St. Bernard -Roman
Catholic church, as was intended. Both young Mitchell and the girl, true to their nomadic training, are willing to abide by their fathers’ decisions, even though they love each other.
The elder Mitchell said that the usual price paid for a wife among the gypsies wa’s about $750. Eight hundred and fifty dollars is the highest amount ever known to have been paid for a wife.
The Stankovitches are now near Hamilton, O., and it is hoped that Chief Stankovitch will let his daughter go cheaper when they return to Carthage in three weeks.
According to the Mitchells and other gypsies, the engagement between George Mitchell and Minnie Stankovitch is the first instance in the history of the gypsy tribes of the world in which a marriage vow has been violated;
and naturally will be the chief topic of gossip among the dark skinned people over all portions of the United States for weeks to come.
Several days ago it was stated that the young gypsies were engaged, having fallen in love at first sight at the Carthage golden jubilee fair.
‘ The news was hailed with delight by gypsies from all parts of the country, as it meant union between the Hungarian gypsies, the race to which Miss Stankovitch belongs, and the English-Irish gypsies, of which George Mitchell is one—a union of English-
Hungarian gypsies having never before been recorded
———1915 Merdian despatch
Wife of Emil Mitchell maiden name MarksThe sudden death of Callie Mitchell brought 20.000 gypsies to the town of Merdian to attend her Funeral & burial
The tribe were camped near Meridian when the Queen died during the delivery of a childThe funeral services took place Feb. 12, 1917, and were held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, with rector,
The Rev. H. W. Wells officiating. Burial at Rose Hill Cemetery“At one side of the parlors, with candelabra at the head and foot stands the magnificent silver-trimmed metallic casket. Hermetically sealed within, in all the barbaric splendor of a medieval Queen lays Mrs. Callie (Kelly) Mitchell
Queen of the Gypsies of America.
Her swarthy face with its high cheekbones is typical of Romany tribes and the head, the upper portion of which is covered with bright silken drapery pinned at the back with pins, rests upon a cushion of filmy silk and satin.
The hair is braided Gypsy fashion and the dark tresses shine.
The body is attired in a Royal robe of Gypsy Green and other bright colors contrasting vividly with the somber hues usual under such circumstances.
Two necklaces are around the neck, one of shells, an heirloom that was descended through generations.
The lower part of the body is draped with “Sacred Linen” treasured by Gypsy bands for the use only when death overtakes one of their numbers.
When the children arrive, each will put a memento of some kind in the casket and it will devolve upon the youngest child to place her mother’s earrings in the ear.”Her tribe believed the Queen’s journey into after life would require certain items of comfort, such as comb, brush, and other toilet accessories, as well as a supply of clothingfor use on the other side of the Styx.
Some even thought she was buried with valuable jewels, and perhaps she was?

Members of the Mitchell Tribe, at the time one of the largest in the country, came to Meridian from all parts of the United States to pay tribute: a newsreel was made and exhibited throughout the country relating the mystery and homage paid to a woman of high esteem as she made her final journey to be laid to rest.

The death of her husband, King Emil, and other family members, Queen Flora Mitchell, Mike Wilson Mitchell, leader of the Mississippi Tribe and Mehil Mitchell, eight-year-old nephew of King Emil, who died of influenza in Jackson,
Mississippi on Nov. 12 1918, are all buried at Rose Hill Cemetery.

Emil Mitchell – unknown when taken ( Library of Congress )

Emil Mitchell was 5 years old when he arrived in New Orleans according to Meridian Newspaper reports
newspaper accounts state that the headquarters of Emil Mitchell had been Washington, D. C. at the time of his death.

Emil Mitchell married his second wife aged 70 Lapa Mitchell born 1872 who was in Atlanta, Ga. at the time of his death, she was too ill to travel to his funeral

At age 27 he became King of the gypsies in a Cleveland, Ohio ceremony.
He died October 16, 1942 in Albertville, AL under a tent much like the one he was born under 85 years earlier.
Due to the war, the King did not have as grand a funeral as queen Kelly did, but tribute in the form of silver coins and a change of clothes were placed with him as is the gypsy custom.
Hundreds gathered atop Sand Mountain near Birmingham to pay homage to King Emil.
He was returned to Rose Hill to be buried beside queen Kelly.
He was succeeded by his second wife Lapa, 9 sons, 5 daughters and more than 100 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
J O Frank of Ohio was selected as as leader until after the War then the tribe will chose another King

Queen Kelly Mitchell was the first of the royal Romany people to be buried in Rose Hill.
While camped in Cotoapa, AL the queen died during premature childbirth.
After having 9 sons and 5 daughters, attempting another birth at age 47 was just too much for her without modern medical assistance.
The country doctor, Dr. Forrest Lee Hester, was sent for and offered $10,000 if he could save her life, but to no avail.
Her body was transported to Meridian to the Horace C. Smith Undertaking Company, now known as Webb Funeral Home, because it was the closest place with proper funeral facilities, including refrigeration.

“Slatcho” Mike Wilson Mitchell b 1897 -1942 was the King’s nephew.
He died in a car accident on the way to the King’s funeral, and a double funeral was held.

Mehil Mitchell was the 2nd Romany Royal to be buried in Rose Hill.
He was a nephew of the King and died at the age of 8 from the Spanish Flu
Flora Mitchell was the sister of King Emil, and inherited the throne upon the death of Queen Kelly
Flora died at age 70 in Yazoo City. She had two funerals. Her first funeral in Yazoo City consisted of a parade and much tribute.
Many Roma accompanied her to her second funeral in Meridian, which was held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and conducted by Father John Burns.

Also buried in Merdian
Joe “Sharkie” Mitchell 1908 -1993
Princess Diana Sharkey Mitchell 1918 -1960
Helen Mitchell – 1962
Frank Mitchell -1948
Lawrence Mitchell -1908 -1968
Nicholas Gulumba
Costa George Bimbo -1944
Ovdoikia George Bimbo.- 1955

Based on Ellis Island records, it appears that Costa George Bimbo, probably came from Italy.
Nicholas Gulumba, likewise appears to have been from Russia.
The Mitchell family believes these, and many others, were brought over here by Emil Mitchell.

1917 12th October A emergency Passport was applied for by Emil Mitchell at the American Embassy Mexico City
Its says he is accompanied by his wife Mary -minor children : Annie born Stockton Florida Aug 1899 & Mary born 1901 July Stockton Florida
Other names listed :Mark- Adam- Waso- Solome- Kirsha- Ephraim- Tanas: all born in Stockton Florida since 1903
He says he was born Cochino Brazil on 15th Nov 1856 and he emigrated via Rio De Janeiro September 1894

Having resided 43 in USA at Cleveland Ohio & Fla
His description : Aged 60 ( born 1857) -5ft 8in -hair grey -eyes brown- heavy moustache & long side whiskers
State department certificate No 4036 to the seal of Department of Justice dated 1910 18th July legalizing a power of
Attorney from the representives of the gypsy tribes of North America

This is Photo was added to Passport

Mitchell Family USA - RomanyJib

This I am presuming would be his 2nd wife Lapa

Mark Mitchell was born 1900-died 25th April 1934 Waukegan Lake Illinois aged 34
Parents Emil Mitchell & Kelly Marks
Spouse Rose

1910 Washington Article about Emil Mitchell becoming the New Gypsy King
He is descibed as stalwart -swarthy with flowing whiskers
Previously to this the king had been Zintchio Dimtro who went to Canada – on his certficate those present were
Wasso Mitchell – Eli John – John Williams-Steve Miguel & Miller George representing all the tribes of the gypsies in USA
Accepting Emil as King with authorityto do and perform all things & Acts pertaining to said office that he may lawfully do under those rules & customs of gypsy people and not conflict with the laws of USA or any sovereign State.

1920 There is mention Emil attended a ceremony of several members of the Costello family- children who were promised Mitchell Family USA - RomanyJib
in marriage ,but as they were only children no marriage would happen until they reached 21

1930 Emil son John Yourano Mitchell died and was buried Mount Olivet Cemetery
Whether this concerns the same son ?

1910 Miss Jessie Key Haberham a daughter of a well known merchant contacted her father after disappearing 6 years ago
from her home in Baltimore, her father recieved a letter explaining she had eloped and married John Mitchell after meeting the gypsies and became infatutated by them wanting to live with them
She died in Cincinnati following an operation 1910
John’s mother was leader of the band and after Jessie had returned for a short while to Baltimore,she had run away to be with them and had eloped and married John Mitchell.

1915 There is an article regarding the kidnapping of Louise Mitchell daughter of Louis Mitchell
Whilst the family were living Roanoke Va 1915 that of parents and 2 daughters & son she disappeared the famiy never gave up hoe of finding her last week the edler daughter whilst travelling in Newark spied her sister and took home to her family in Richmond Hill
Louise explained that she had been captured by a band of gypsies headed by called Gregory John who wanted her for a wife for his son Joe, she had a son by him 2 years ago who was still with the family
When the family tried to find the John family they had already moved away

1921 Gypsy Queen’s Funeral

A vestige of that pomp which attended the burial of gypsy monarchs of old, marked the funeral yesterday afternoon for the beautiful gypsy princess, Lena ( Powonia ) Miller.

Services were held in the little tent in the carnival grounds where the princess passed away just as the sun came peeping over the midway of the Wallace Bros show

More than a thousand persons witnessed the ceremonies at the carnival grounds and a crowd estimated at 5,000 witnessed the impressive burial services at Oakwood Cemetery.
Thousands viewed the procession as it wended its way slowly from the carnival grounds to the cemetery.

The dead queen was the wife of Frank Miller
Daughter of Louis Mitchell, king of the Russian Gypsies in America.
Her mother, the queen, is Mary Granch Mitchell. They reside in Chicago.

Gypsies in all parts of the land belong to the Mitchell tribe.
Lena, the dead queen, was the wife of Frank Miller, king of the tribe appearing with the carnival.
She was a fortune teller.

With her husband and family of six and her tribe, Lena joined the Wallace Brothers show in Youngstown ten days ago.
She and her tribe had been showing with the Wolfe’s Superior Shows prior to joining the Wallace Brothers carnival.
They had been playing in Peru, Indiana

She was born in Chicago on September 15, 1889. Since her birth, she had been traveling with circuses and carnivals.
She was reared in the finest splendor her tribe could afford. She was reverenced by all.

She had been seriously ill since coming to Sharon on Sunday with pneumonia

Dr. Harry Milliken had been attending the patient since her arrival in Sharon.
He had left the little tent but a few minutes before her death occurred.
Dr. Milliken made every effort to save the queen’s life.

A few minutes before her death the queen embraced her oldest son and kissed him.
She shook hands with the doctor as he left and seemed to have great faith in the physician.
She reclined on her couch of robes and the end came quickly.

Six children, ranging in age from 9 months to 12 years, survive.
Seven sisters and three brothers in various parts of the land also survive.

Hundreds were notified by telegram of the death.

The king and queen (Lena’s parents) came from Detroit, where they had been playing with the Mau Greater Shows.

They came to Youngstown on a fast train. The journey to Sharon was made in a taxi.

The king is 84 years old. His wife is much younger.
The king is reported to be worth more than three million dollars. His headquarters are in Chicago.

At the close of the show season each year, the gypsies gather in Chicago where the ruler confers with booking agencies and assigns his tribe to various shows.
He keeps in touch with them throughout the playing season and knows where each tribe is located.

In case of death of any member of his tribe, the king is notified and before the body is buried, he must give his blessing.
He also conducts the services.

Mitchell and his queen are Egyptians but prior to coming to America many years ago, lived in Russia.

Hundreds of Gypsies from Canada, St. Louis, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Washington and other parts of the country visited the tent, where the woman lay in state for three days.

She was dressed in robes of silk made by members of her tribe.

Services were filled with ritual

The beautiful oak casket was ornamented with silver. It reposed in the back of the tent.
The casket was lined with white satin and was a direct contrast with the bright silk costume in which the dead princess
was garbed.

In her hand she held a little wax cross molded from candles burning beside the bier.
In the corners of her eyes, nearest the nose, were small pieces of the candle.
The robes and candles were part of the gypsy ritual.

As part of the wake, a feast was held at the carnival grounds and local photographer
Harry Heinz took a portrait of the royal family grouped around the casket.

Although originally scheduled for Thursday, May 12, the funeral was postponed a day while the family waited for
a sister to arrive from New Orleans.

The services were of three-quarters of an hour in duration.
At their conclusion, the husband of the dead woman reverently kissed her.

The act was emulated by the king, queen and sisters and children that had crowded into the tent.
Held in the arms of the mother-in-law, the nine-month-old baby was the last to kiss the mother before the casket was closed.

An aisle way more than 100 feet long had been roped off through the crowd.
Through this section the body of the princess was carried by the pallbearers to the hearse.

Onlookers all but broke the ropes in an effort to see the casket.

Chief of Police Samuel Lansdowne and Officers Durbin and Lynch held the crowd back.
A force of carnival employees assisted the police officers.

Procession took 30 minutes to pass

Then the procession, headed by the Wallace Brothers carnival band and Rev. Traien Dameom, gorgeously robed in costumes of the Greek Orthodox Church, and his assistants, began its slow procession to the cemetery.
Phillip Carrescia lead the band. They played a funeral march, “Delores,” composed by Prof. Petti of Sharon, years ago.

The pallbearers, who were cousins of the dead woman, walked slowly beside the hearse, carrying great armfuls of flowers.

Then followed the hearse bearing the body, the king and queen and husband first, and then the other near relatives.
More than 100 other gypsies were scattered throughout the great crowd that followed the procession.

Those who walked in the funeral parade were dressed in their bright native garb.
The king wore, as part of his costume, a pair of light blue trousers, and his wife, the queen, was dressed in colors of brightest hue.

Shawls were worn by the women. The men walked with bear heads bowed. They wore no coats.

The crowd that walked and followed in automobiles and horse drawn vehicles was the largest that has ever joined a funeral procession in Sharon.

So long was the parade that it required more than 30 minutes to pass a given point.

All during the march the priest and his assistants sang and the band played.
The mourners called to the dead woman and great tears streamed down their cheeks.

There were more than 200 automobiles at the cemetery.
Among the crowd were many Gypsies dressed in ordinary garb. Some wore native costumes.

Queen was buried with gold, jewels

Upon taking the body from the hearse, it was carried to the grave. Here it was opened again where further services were conducted in Romanian by Rev. Dameom.

King Louis Mitchell and the Gypsies assisted with the final services. The queen placed bits of incense on the lips of the dead princess as Rev. Dameom swung his censor over the body. Wine was sprinkled on the body.

Amid the sobs of the king and queen and other relatives, a white satin robe was drawn over the face of the princess.
The casket was closed.

As the body was slowly lowered, pieces of dirt were thrown on the casket by the Gypsies.
Crosses were marked on all four side walls of the grave with the shovel with which the grave was filled.

The Gypsies would not leave until a great flag stone was placed over the casket, forming a vault, and the hole covered with earth.

Members of the family remained throughout the rain that followed. They were forced to leave when the cemetery gates were locked.

All of the royal jewelry of the princess, including a beautiful gold bracelet, various trinkets and medals and rings, were buried with the body. Monies were thrown on the casket by the Gypsies and buried with the body.

According to the old Gypsy custom, it is believed that the gold buried with the body will atone for sins on earth and will help friends who have sinned.

Louis Mitchell 1923 :
It was a very sad the way he died, suddenly on friday after mistaking murlistic acid which he used for cleaning copper boilers for whisky he fell seriously ill
They took him writhing in agony to a local drugstore where in vain a local ambulance surgeon from St Mary’s hospital tried to save him .
He was laid in a mahongony casket and for 3 days the tribe held a service over his body,the women brought out their finery and the men put on collars & ties.
He had a son Wanda who was last known to be in Boston and the police managed to trace him whilst the tribe began to arrange for his body to be removed to Chicago

Anna Mitchell 1924
The 10 month old daughter of George & Julia Baker Mitchell members of a gypsy band natives of Brazil ,has camped several days near the memorial hospital whilst their daughter was taken seriously ill and sadly has died
The mother says Anna was born in St Louis, some members of the band were permitted to camp awaiting outcome of illness
of the child

Viona Mitchell 1924 Mt Vernon NY -Queen of gypsies lies dying many traveled to receive her last blessings,she has 13 sons & daughters all who have numerous children some of them even more than their mother and somewhere in number of 90 grandchildren – the queen told them to get naturalization papers and send the children to school.

Frank Mitchell 1925
Elected & crowned King of Gypsies after death of old Nicholas John
His wife was Alice ( who is English by birth and not a gypsy her family disowned her for marrying Frank ) and has 6 children
He says his policy is one that his people will stop fortune telling & roaming settle down vote and send their children to school
Thus his title and jurisdiction based on customs & laws extending back over centuries is advocating abolishing
customs the gypsies have followed for centuries

Alex Mitchell 1966/7
Gypsies from at least 25 different states poured into Watertown September 4th for funeral of Alex Mitchell aged 63 ( b 1903)
described by his followers as King of Gypsies died on Saturday after a heart seizure
His home address was listed as Louisville KY and had been working on roofing projects in the Alexandra Bay area –
Police said more than 1,000 attended his funeral buried in Cleveland Ohio
His son Steven Mitchell who widow was Helen Groffo Mitchell would become the next King
Alex had a sister Helen Mitchell

Enney Mitchell born in 1904 25th July Birmingham Alabama – daughter of Steve John & Mary Miller
According to her death certificate she died in 1952 May 1st Huron Ohio in Willard Hospital aged 47 buried in Bedford Cemetery Ohio – Alex Mitchell was listed as a Witness –was this above partner?

This site has comments and article regarding her death & funeral also a photo of the uncrowned gypsy queen lying in state


1972 New York For 10 days gypsies have kept a vigil for Mary Mitchell 70 yr old who lies in a coma after an operation
Her eldest son Frank Mitchell who lives in Newark with his mother he has a younger brother Steven
Steven Miller a nephew of Mary has also been keeping a vigil
Her husband was Frank Mitchell who died 10 years ago


1968 A member of the Mitchell gypsy clan Mark Mitchell aged 40 died after undergoing a a kidney operation about 150
gypsies from throughout the nation gathered at the hospital with his wife Ann & 3 children
His body was taken to Houston funeral home chapel a spokesman said the gypsy motorcade will accompany the herse when it leaves for Pensacola FLa

1970 Gypsies converge on Albany Hospital after Queen Ruby Mitchell aged 75 remains in critical condition suffering from congenital heart disease – her eldest son Harry aged 52 was the only one they said would comment on his mother’s conditon


TULSA (AP) — Gypsy caravans are a thing of the past, but younger members of the gypsy tribes are returning to the fold, says the king of Romanian gypsies in Oklahoma and Mississippi.

Louie Mitchell, also leader of Tulsa’s gypsy community of 150 families, says gypsies seek to retain their traditional identity
while trying to lead a settled life.
“We are settled, yes, but we are really nomads in any land,” says’Mitchell.
“We have no flag, no signs, no alphabet .for our language — we have only God to guide us.”

15 years ago MacMillian Mitchell, Louie’s grandfather and king of a Romanian gypsy tribe in Mississippi, moved to Tulsa to work in the oil fields.

“We lived in Tulsa about five years before my grandfather became ill,” Mitchell said.
“He knew he was going to die so he moved back to Meridian, Miss., his native town.
“Tradition has it that a gypsy king must appoint a successor, so before my grandfather’s death he called me back to Meridian and made me king, holding me responsible for the gypsies in both states.”

Mitchell returned here with a group of families after the death.
The community has grown during the .past 10 years as sons and daughters of the original Tulsa gypsies married and remained here.
Since settling in at Tulsa, members of-his tribe have started their own businesses.
One operates a blacktopping outfit, another a roofing company, and one a silver and coppersmith shop.
Mitchell is a private detective who recently opened his own agency.

Mitchell estimates his tribe numbers 5,000 in Oklahoma and Mississippi, a figure which does not include children.”.
It is his duty to see that his people follow the-laws and customs which have been passed down from generation to generation.
According to Mitchell, customs differ with various gypsy nationalities from such countries as Hungary, Spain, France and Russia.

Most of these tribes observe feast days, ceremonies, pilgrimages and rites according to the Roman Catholic Church.
Mitchell said his Romanian tribe’s religious.beliefs are similar to Catholicism, but most of the Gypsies are not Catholics.
He said one of the customs still followed is the law which requires a groom to pay a dowry, which ranges from $2,500 to $5,000, to the parents of his bride.
Mitchell is also called to rule on any civil matters which may arise in his tribe. In the case of criminal affairs, he and his people say they abide by the local law. But he said he would look into a criminal matter on behalf of his tribe to determine whether justice was served.
Mitchell also is responsible for aiding any member of his tribe in need of help.
“My phone bill averages between $200 and $300 a month from gypsies who pall for help or advice on various problems.
We still are a very close-knit people.
If one of us is sick or cannot make a car payment, we will get together as a group and help the individual
All that matters is that the person is a good gypsy who abides by our rules.”
Fortune-telling has long been associated with gypsies. “Fortune-telling, palmistry, you can call it what you like,” Mitchell said
“We look at it as a psychic gift which allows us to give spiritual advice to those in trouble.” He added that the psychic power exists only in women. “Many people claim to be fortune tellers, but very few are true psychics nor palm readers.” said Mitchell. His wife and his mother and a third woman are the only Tulsa gypsy fortunetellers who are considered true psychics by the tribe, Mitchell said.
Tulsa gypsies continue their custom of observing holy festivals. Two feasts are held each summer in honor of St.Anne and St. Mary.
As to the future, Mitchell believes his tribe is growing stronger.
Chakta Mitchell was laid to rest Monday at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park’s Peacefield Mausoleum
The woman known by many local residents as a psychic and palm reader was carried to the crypt in a white, horse-drawn carriage.
The procession from the Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home across the street included musicians and a long line of family members walking and singing, with the elderly riding in golf carts behind the coffin.
Mrs. Mitchell, or “Madame Chakta” as the longtime fortune-teller was known, was the daughter of Walter Miller, known as the “King of the Gypsies,” .
Her family came from a long line of Gypsy tribes in Romania.
She also claimed a Native American heritage. She was 71 when she died Wednesday.
Mrs. Mitchell and her husband, Steve Mitchell, came to Florida in 1951 from her native North Carolina, and she operated a palm and psychic reading business from their home on Sunset Point Road in Clearwater.
Until she fell ill four months ago, she could be seen on Pier 60, sitting behind a table and ready to give readings to beach visitors. Behind her, a sign proclaimed: “Cherokee Psychic.”
With her passing, the responsibility of leading the family goes to her husband, whose own father was a Gypsy tribal chief.
The wake for Mrs. Mitchell lasted three days.
Her husband of 52 years sat at the head of her open casket.
But he was never alone. Family members arrived from all over the country.
He would greet each arrival, and no one went away hungry.
The numbers reached 300 each night, according to funeral directors Steve James and Adam Plutchok. “They didn’t even need funeral staff. The family did all the work.
All they asked was for a place to gather,” said Plutchok. While waiting for the entourage, an elderly cousin from Texas stood in front of the open crypt and, purposefully spilling his soda, offered this prayer: “This is for you, sister, so that you should never be thirsty.”
At the final ceremony, there were tears and moaning, but also laughter and joy — and more food for any who were hungry. Although the obituary might have said that Mrs. Mitchell was the mother of five children and had 15 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, her family is much larger. said nephew Louie Wilson
According to nephew Mark Mitchell, Mrs. Mitchell had said she wanted a simple funeral. The family would not hear of it.

Steve Mitchell parents Mary & Frank Mitchell

His mother Mary Mitchell aged 70 lies seriously close to death in St Vincent Hospital in a coma due to Cancer –
Steve her son aged 45 will become King at his mother’s death said he and brother Frank Jr aged 42 have been tinsmiths for 15 years in Newark N J living with their families & mother in same house.
His mother he said has been reigning regent since the death of his father Frank 10years ago
Since 1847 a total of 19 men & women were descibed as either King or Queen of the gypsies at time of their death including the elder Frank Mitchell
Others surnames :Miguel – Margitza – Alverez – Evans – Davis – Stevanovich – Kaslov -John some were regional chiefs

Steve Miller a nephew of Mary has been taking part in the vigil he says he like many gypsies work as a concessionaire with a traveling carnival

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oldjoseph Tom & Leo Mitchell (Two Mitchell brothers buried in Richmond, KY) 0 Dec 10 2011, 8:06 AM EST by oldjoseph
Thread started: Dec 10 2011, 8:06 AM EST  Watch

I am a Find A Grave member and not Roma. However, recently while taking photos in the Richmond Cemetery (Madison County, Kentucky), I came across a double gravestone that caused me to recall something I had read many years before. The newspaper local history article I recalled concerned two brothers, Tom and Leo Mitchell, who were struck and killed in a tragic automobile accident north of Richmond in the Spring of 1935. I have created Find A Grave memorials for each Mitchell brother with a photo of the gravestone. I also added a transcription of the history article. I thought that if someone is researching the Mitchell family and is having trouble “connecting the dots” concerning Tom Mitchell (1910-1935) and Leo Mitchell ( 1912-1935) these F.A.G. memorials might be of assistance., Here are links to Tom’s memorial: and Leo’s memorial:,

2 thoughts on “Gypsy Mitchell Clan

  1. Dracula and His Royal Gypsy Witch Mother Caltuna was were Both B Rh negative and Our family is related with Prince Charles family threw comman ancestor Princess Stanca Basarab of Wallachia (1518 – 1601) who married Logofat de Pitesti when the Stan family are mixed both Stan Boyars and Gypsy blood and were the Stanescu family who King of the Gypsies and Bailiff of the Rudari Gypsies from more than 600 years. All Boyars families related to Dracula has the B Rh negative Rudari Gypsy bloodline which include Prince Charles Uncle Edward VIII Duke of Windsor and his mother Queen Mary Von Teck. The B Rh negative Rudari Gypsy blood of Dracula and his Gypsy Witch Mother Caltuna is O. G. or (Original Gypsy) blood means that is not originally from India but came from Yazdegerd III daughter Nazbanu from Pars Persia when the fled from Pars to Karachi or Deval in now Pakistan with along with rest of the Parsis in Karachi. The B Rh negative tissue Type is Unique because is pure Rh negative Genotype or Rh ryr from unique Tocharian Altaic people who mixed Native American, Celtic and Dravidian origins. Rh ryr is unique to Native Americans like Eskimo and Andean Indian and Black Feet Indians who related to the Tocharians in Northern China. The B Rh negative is racial mixed HLA-A2901 from Pure Jewish Sumerian from Solomon family but also found the Yazdi who have common Sumerian Origins. HLA-B4201 is black Ethiopian Queen of Sheba blood. The DRB3*0101 with DR52a in pure Rh negative that originated in the Native American Amerindian people that carry it the Northeast Asia where Both B and B- blood type originated in Tocharian and Altaic people. B Rh negative tissuse typing of HLA-A2901 & HLA-B4201 and DRB3*0101 and DR52a is Solomon and Sheba son Menelik or Ramobaum who lost the Kingdom of Israel then Judah to racial civil War with Israel because they did want a Solomon and Sheba who worshipped Jinns or Asuras son who also black to become King of Both Israeal and Judah. So Raubaum or Menelik fled back to Ethiopian and Yemen. But he left part his family In Judah. They became Jewish Exilarch which the Judah was invade. These Exilarch from (House of David) like Mar Abba the 21th Exilarch or King all the Jewish all over the world daughter Shushandukht or the second Esther inmarried with Yazdegerd I who ancestor Yazdegerd III daughter Nazbanu carry the B Rh negative Exilarch blood to Karachi where the Rudari Gypsies came from the same Sassanian Noble Parsis community. The Rudari have L* haplogroup which goes back the Darius and Parsis Priesthood with mtDNA which was both is Nazbanu the Parsis Noble from Parsi and Dracula mother Caltuna who had L* mtDNA and who Stanca Basarab mtDNA ancestor and possible Queen Mary Van Teck probably had too. My Grandfather who ancestor were Serbian-Romanian-Brazilian Gypsies form the Mitchell Serbian-Romanian family of Nichalos Mitchell and his wife with L mtDNA Salomia Mitchell who was the mother of the my Great Great Great Grandmother Flora Mitchell the sister of Emil Mitchell the King of Gypsies of the United Stated. And Vlad Dracula and Vlad the Monk had the same B Rh negative Gypsy mother Caltuna. They were not half brothers

  2. Salomia May Mitchell born in Greece was Queen of the Gypies Reply with quoteEdit/Delete this postDelete this post
    Salomia May, “Ohio, Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997”
    No image available

    Search collection
    About this collection

    name: Salomia May
    gender: Female
    burial date:
    burial place:
    death date: 06 May 1904
    death place: Cuyahoga, Ohio
    age: 65
    birth date: 1839
    birthplace: Greece
    race: White
    marital status: Married
    spouse’s name:
    father’s name:
    father’s birthplace:
    mother’s name:
    mother’s birthplace:
    indexing project (batch) number: B07074-9
    system origin: Ohio-EASy
    gs film number: 872462
    reference id: v 15 cn 63640
    Citing this Record

    Emil Mitchell Father Nicholas Mitchell is Rudari Serbian

    Woodland Cemetery
    Interment Information System
    Detail Record

    Record Number: 057651 Interment Number: 57639

    Last Name: Mitchell First Name: Nicholas Middle Name: (Gypsy)

    Address: Osceola, AK

    Death Date: November 17, 1909 Burial Date: November 20, 1909

    Age: 75 Race: W Sex: M

    Native of: Serbia

    Cause of Death: Old age

    Section: 88 Lot: 17 Tier: Grave: 1

    Grave Direction: SL

    Remarks: Vault 11/22/1909; brick grave

    Additional Notes:


    Nicholas Mitchell family problem belong to the Bimbulesti Gypsy clan with Brazilian Serbian memebers for Bosnia that originally came from Oltenia Romania.

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